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About Us
The Doyin Group

Doyin Group of Companies is a highly diversified and indigenous conglomerate comprising of companies that are productive in wide ranging sectors of the Nigerian economy including Manufacturing, Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals for over 40 years. The high level of priority given to quality control is the essence of the company’s longevity and the improvement of the Brands over time.
Doyin Group, since inception has remained the source of quality brands of pharmaceuticals, soaps, detergent, paints, tea, milk and food seasoning for all Nigerians.

Our toothpaste, medicament, body cream, water, juice, and drinks have provided the desired comfort and personal care in many homes across the country and beyond. At Doyin Group, our determination is to remain the source of quality brands that you can trust for your essential household needs.
The following sectors enjoy the service and productivity of Doyin Group of Companies

1. Soaps & Detergent Manufacturing. Foods & Beverages Manufacturing.
2. Fruits, Juices, Drugs & Water Manufacturing.
3. Toothpaste & Medicament Manufacturing.
4. Agro Chemical  products and Paints Manufacturing.
5. Agriculture products

Doyin Group of companies started as a small trading business in Lagos Nigeria in 1968. It has grown tremendously over the years consolidating its foothold in the leadership of industry. The organisation has received many national and African accolades for best practices and the production of consistently high-value brands. Doyin Group of companies' diversification into various industry sectors has been key to its adaptation in the challenging economic operating environment while competing with several multinationals.

The chairman, Prince Samuel Adedoyin started out trading over 45 years ago and nurtured the business into a full blown conglomerate, producing high quality products that compete favourably within and outside the country. Over the years, the group transformed from a trading concern to a manufacturing outfit by "liquidating the trading business and substituting with industrial ventures." The first manufacturing outfit was Doyin Investments Limited which was a labour intensive company producing all types of travelling bags including suit cases and wallets. Doyin Investments (Nigeria) Limited now handles manufacturing of Doyin Paints, and oversees the activities of Property Development Company Limited which manages an estate estimated to cover over 200 properties in Lagos. The company is also involved in Port clearing for its subsidiary firms and third party clients.

Global Soap and Detergent Industry manufactures detergents, toilet and laundry soaps as well as scourers under the "Bold" and "Flash" brand names. The company also makes glycerine, an essential input for making detergents. manufactures toothpaste, mendicants, disinfectants, creams and pomades including Dentoclean and Prudent brands of toothpaste.

Our Mission

To be the leading indigenous manufacturer in Nigeria employing solely Nigerian Capital, management and labour in manufacturing and marketing products of Global standards.

Our Vision

The fostering of indigenous ownership and labour, which is the prime guarantee of economic independence being that foundation for national self sufficiency.

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